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"Development work on Vector was stopped sometime in 1999. The beta version, which added DXF import and export, was never fully completed and has now been withdrawn. I would like to thank all those who registered and otherwise offered encouragement. Anyone still interested in using Vector may now register for free, see below"

Nick Matthews

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Vector is a CAD package for the Psion 3a, 3c, 3mx or Siena. With it you can create diagrams, schematics and other types of drawings. It has been designed from scratch to be used on the Psion and has a number of features designed to make the most of these machines. The Vector format means that the drawings are easy to modify and take up very little space.

Vector includes the following features:-

  • Step by step drawing for Lines, Polylines, Polygons, Boxes, Circles, Arcs, Text and Symbols.
  • Symbols can be Scaled, Rotated and Flipped before use.
  • Scale or rotate (any angle) Text.
  • Optionally save memory by creating a link to the symbol library.
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo.
  • Group and Ungroup drawing elements.
  • Move, Duplicate, Scale, Rotate, Stretch and Mirror all objects, including text and symbols.
  • Break elements into smaller elements.
  • Edit any detail of an elements property.
  • Real time rubber-banding during all commands.
  • Full zoom and scroll.
  • Jump between 4 views on the drawing.
  • 16 User named Layers.
  • Grid and Snap settings.
  • Jump to Absolute and Relative point.
  • Jump to nearest End, Mid, Centre, Quadrant, Intersect, Perpendicular or Tangent point.
  • Create and maintain your own symbol libraries.
  • Create and maintain user defined fonts.
  • Print to HP LaserJet or plotter.
  • Export as Psion *.pic or PC *.pcx bitmaps.
  • Create Template files to store initial settings for new drawings.
  • User defined single key operation of any function.
The download includes a comprehensive manual in Psion Word format, some symbol libraries and example drawings.

A HTML version of the manual is available for viewing on line or for download.

Additional symbol libraries and fonts will be made available from here, as they become available

Screen print from Vector for Psion 3x

Vector for Psion 3a Screen Print
Click the screen print to see more.

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