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Vector for Psion 3a/3c & Siena
Vector Files Drawing Files
Vector drawing files normally use the .vec extension and live in the \VEC\ directory. There is no need to keep to this convention however, if you have a reason to change it. You should avoid using the special purpose extensions detailed below for anything other than their intended purpose.

A template file is a standard Vector file that has been saved with the .vtp extension. If placed in the \APP\VECTOR\ directory, the "Create New File" dialog, Template option can select it. All program settings then come from this file.

The template may or may not contain drawing objects, usually it will be a blank drawing with just the settings recorded, or it may contain, say, a border and title block.

A file named Default.vtp and placed in the \APP\VECTOR\ directory becomes the template for a new file, unless you specifically select another file.

Library and Font Files
Library files contain Symbol definitions and have the .vsl extension. If a drawing has links to a symbol (as opposed to duplicates of them) then the library file must be available to view the drawing properly. Symbols are drawn as simple rectangles if the library file is not available.

Font files contain alternative type faces for the drawing text and have the .vft extension. Vector has a built-in font file and so additional fonts are optional.

You must place both library and font files in a \APP\VECTOR\ directory before the program can make use of them. Both types of file are created with the standard Vector program, see the Creating Library Files and Creating Fonts sections for details.

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