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Vector for Psion 3a/3c & Siena
Program Output Exporting a Drawing
Vector is currently limited to exporting in bitmap form only. This will be improved with later versions.

Use the "File, Save as" menu option and set Type to Psion bitmap or PCX bitmap. Set the bitmap size (in pixels) by moving to the Export option and pressing Tab. Note that the current version is limited to 1024 wide bitmaps.

You can import the Psion bitmaps into other drawing packages (such as Rick Andrews Draw program) for additional processing and printing.

PCX files are used by many desktop computer programs, such as Windows Paintbrush.

The current version of Vector supports printing to HP-GL devices. This includes HP printers using the PCL 5 printer language (most HP LaserJets) and HP plotters. Many other printers may be able to emulate one of these.

Printing from Vector is similar to printing from other Psion programs. Use the "Special, Print setup" menu option to setup the printer. These settings are held separately from the system settings and the dialog gives the opportunity to save them in Vectors own configuration file.

The margin settings are set using the "Preferences, Page" menu option.

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