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About Kizzyco

Kizzyco is the trading name of Nick Matthews

The Family Pack

The Family Pack Icon A new open source genealogy program

The Family Pack (TFP) is a project to create a fully functional genealogy program with a newly designed database. TFP is hosted by Sourceforge.



HistoryCal Icon An open source programmable calculator for all world calendars

HistoryCal is a project to create a calendar calculator that can be used to manipulate dates and date ranges with various calendars. The user is able to create new calendars based on the supplied ones. HistoryCal is hosted by Sourceforge.


Psion 3 Legacy Programs

Vector Icon
Vector is a CAD package with the emphasis on creating and viewing diagrams, schematics and other types of drawings on a palmtop computer.

Wari Icon
Wari is a Mancala type strategy game. Either two people can play using the computer as a board or one person can play against the computer.
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