About Kizzyco

Nick Matthews Kizzyco was the trading name of me, Nick Matthews BSc(Open), a Software Author. I have designed and created Computer Programs in a number of ways on a number of different types of computer, from entering machine code in hex on an Mk14 to writing Java on a PC. On the way, he has programmed in Assembler, Forth, Basic, JavaScript, C, C++ and D and has created programs for Tangerine, Enterprise, Husky and Psion computers.

Although no longer trading, I am still programming.

"It is impossible to make a Computer Program too simple to use"

You can contact Kizzyco at the following address
Nick Matthews.
Kizzy Cottage,
74 High Street,
West Sussex. RH17 6TD
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1444 892560
Email: nick@kizzyco.com

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