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Wari is a game of strategy for two players, or one player and a computer. It comes from a group games often called Mancala which originated in Africa. It is reported to be over 3000 years old and was originally played in holes scooped out of the ground and seeds or shells for counters. There are many names for these games and even more sets of rules. There is no ruling body, there's no "correct" set of rules, the ones I have used are those given in an ancient copy of the "Zorland Games Toolkit". Full details of how to play and the rules are provided by the online help.

I have used this program as a learning exercise when starting on a new system. It was my first Windows (v3.0) program and my first Psion program. The Psion version can be downloaded below, I may make the Windows version available at a later date. Because Wari has already served its purpose, I am happy to release it as freeware.

Any comments, good or bad, should be addressed to me, Nick Matthews. I am always pleased to hear from anyone using my software.

Screen print from the Psion game

Wari for Psion 3a Screen Print

Note that if Grey plays cup 5, they will capture two stones from the White cup 3 and level the game.


Wari Icon Version P1.00
Size 10 668 bytes
Download Wari for Psion 3a/3c

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